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The Importance Of Good Car Tyres

Tread carefully – the importance of good car tyres

At JSF 4x4 Norwich, we provide local Norfolk motorists with the expert tyre advice they need to drive safely all year round. Our tyre expertise and experience is unrivalled, and we can help you choose the tyres that are right for your car, no matter what the British weather throws at you. That’s why we’re your exclusive dealer for General Tire products in the Norfolk area, offering a complete range of their advanced tyres at competitive prices.


Stay safe, stay legal

Making sure you have tyres you can trust is essential. In 2016, dangerous tyres were found to be

the largest single contributory factor in fatal car accidents in the UK. It’s also estimated that over 10

million UK motorists could be driving with illegal or dangerous tyres.


When it comes to tyre safety, your tyre pressure and overall condition are vital, but by far the most

important factor is your tyre tread depth. By law, all car tyres must have a minimum continuous tread depth of 1.6mm.


As your tyres wear down, your grip on the road reduces, and your stopping distance increases. A car with 1.6mm treads can take an extra two car lengths to stop at 50mph in wet weather, compared to one with 3mm tread. This difference in stopping distance increases the likelyhood of an accident.



Choosing seasonal tyres

We all know how unpredictable the weather can be in this country, and your tyres’ performance can

depend a lot on seasonal differences, such as rainfall and temperature. General Tire offers a great range of advanced winter tyres, summer tyres, and all-season tyres, including:


Altimax™ Winter 3 – Ice cold grip

Offering enhanced grip in cold weather conditions, including when it rains, on snow and ice-covered roads, as well as dry weather, the Winter 3 tyre gives you the confidence you need when the temperature drops.


Altimax™ Winter 3 tyres come into their own at 7° C and below, thanks to their improved tread technologies that allow them to achieve better grip on the road. As a result your stopping distances are greatly reduced. The tyre’s tread pattern features gripping edges at a range of angles for unmatched traction, providing superior grip and stability. It’s no wonder more and more Norwich  drivers are switching to this leading winter tyre.


Altimax™ Sport – The responsive summer tyre

Whether in wet or dry weather, the Altimax™ Sport summer tyre delivers a precise steering response, lower fuel consumption, and shorter braking distances in warm weather conditions above 7° C. It’s ideal for all kinds of passenger cars, from small city runarounds to large family estates, and executive models to sports cars.


The tyre’s tread is designed dispurse water quickerr from the contact patch with the road, allowing you to grip it with confidence, as well as stop sooner when you need to. The Altimax™ Sport’s super-rigid build provides you with full control, even on sharp bends. That’s why it’s a popular choice with our customers.


Altimax™ A/S 365 – Reliability all year round

Ultimately, if you want the best performance in summer or winter conditions, the dedicated tyres highlighted above are your best choice for each season. However, if you want a great tyre that offers excellent performance all year round, look no further that the superb Altimax™ A/S 365.


Optimised for both summer and winter driving, this tyre is designed to provide good traction and braking performance on both wet and dry roads at all temperatures. It features wide, lateral grooves for efficient water dispersal to significantly reduce the chance of aquaplaning. At JSF 4x4 Norwich this tyre is very popular, providing drivers with a good, balanced choice of tyre safety characteristics.


Advanced tyre technology

Advanced General Tire technology features across the range to help keep UK motorists safe. When undertaking regular visual inspections, the built-in Replacement Tire Monitor (RTM) provides drivers with a visual warning when their tyre needs replacing. The inscription “Replacement Tire Monitor” shows three times on the rim of a new tyre, and as it approaches its recommended minimum tread depth, the inscription changes to ‘Replace Tire’.


While it’s possible to detect wheel alignment problems from vibrations in the steering wheel, smaller

misalignments are often missed, resulting in irregular tyre wear. But thanks to General Tire’s innovative Visual Alignment Indicator™ (VAI) technology, tyre misalignments can be easily detected. Not only does VAI help to minimise irregular tyre wear, it also allows you to save on fuel costs.



Unrivalled tyre expertise and service in Norwich Norfolk

As your local General Tire dealer, we can offer you a wealth of professional tyre services and expertise, including fully qualified technicians who will fit your tyres for you, as well as provide you with the technical support and advice you need to make sure you’re driving legally and safely.


At JSF 4x4 Norwich we only recommend products that we trust, and when it comes to tyre safety, reliability and value it’s why we’re the exclusive provider for General Tire in Norwich.


If you’re unsure about which tyres are best for your car, or are concerned that your tyres may need replacing, give JSF 4x4 a call on 01603 787196 today. Our experienced team are ready to assist you. You can also drop in to see us in person on Spar Road, Vulcan Road Ind Est, Norwich. Alternatively, take a look at our General Tire range now  

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